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Steamvac Truckmounts

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Our powerful truck mounts offer a complete system, so versatile, you can use it for every job with simplicity.


SteamVac’s all new Boss 650 truck mount is made with quality fittings and parts to give you a powerful truck mount designed to last all tough conditions.
• All new Kohler V-twin 30 horse power engine.
• Roots 47 Blower
• 3000 psi Hawk ceramic plungered pump up to 2600 psi working pressure.
• Hot Vapour heat exchanger full marine grade stainless steel coil, rated at 4000 psi, at a 4 to 1 burst rate.
• 0 – 100°C in less than ten minutes.
• The Hot Vapour heat exchanger is stainless steel• Full 5 year warranty.

Stainless Steel Hose Reel
The Space Saver Hose Reel has been developed to maximise the available space in your van. Using the wasted space above the wheel arch, the Space Saver conveniently stores your solution hose and garden hose giving you easy access to your untangled hoses. Made from 100% Stainless steel, the Space Saver requires no maintenance or greasing.

Waste Tank
The marine grade stainless steel Waste Tank finishes the Boss650 package. With it’s in-built filtration system, waste pump and massive 200l capacity, the SteamVac Waste Tank makes it simpler than ever to work for longer without the need to empty your waste tank.


30 HP v-twin Kohler air cooled
900RPM at idle
3600 RPM full revs
Hawk 3000psi
Working Pressure
Blower Specification
Roots Blower
15” HG
CFM 450 + adjustable
Heat Exchange
Patented Hot Vapour Stainless Steel Rated at 4000psi

Truck Mount
Length: 1200mm
Width: 550mm
Height: 920mm
Weight: 300kg

Waste Tank
Length: 900mm
Width: 400mm
Height: 1000mm
Weight: 41 kg

Hose Reel
Weight: 28kg
Height: 1200mm
Length: 1150
Width: 650mm


The most versatile piece of equipment ever created and totally Australian designed and built!

Width: 550mm
Height: 920mm
Weight: 265kg

Hybrid Features
• Worldwide patented design.     • 30 hp Kohler motor.     • Hot Vapour heat exchange system giving you Truck Mount heat from your portable 100 Degrees C in under ten minutes.     • 3.6 Roots Blower giving you Truck mount suction!     • 12 KVA generator with key start-work anywhere, anytime!     • Hammer tone finish steel frame.     • 4 safety switch power outlets.     • Low oil warning and water shut off.     • Portable can be easily removed from.     • Van/trailer for the hard to access jobs.     • Plumbed to vehicles fuel supply.     • National dealer network for servicing.

Operation of the Hybrid
The Hybrid is renowned as the Most Universal Portable Truck mount available on today’s market. It creates all the power to run your portable and accessories as well as the supply of hot water. The portable, booster, gulpa, etc. are powered by the generator, thus eliminating separate power leads throughout customers houses and no more blowing of fuses and circuits. Heat Exchange System: Award winning HOT VAPOUR heat exchange system. Hotter temperatures than other systems ensuring drying times are reduced. No moving parts along with any difficult heating controls ensuring less downtime compared to other systems. Proven reliability and performance with reduced maintenance. Maximum and consistent heat during working times over long lengths of hoses. Large triple insulated tank made from stainless steel and protected from heat produced via engine exhaust, no need for catalytic heat boosters. Five-year warranty subject to correct maintenance and servicing.Cold water travels through the pump of the portable. This ensures longer pump life, as the seals aren’t placed under heat. Any external garden tap can provide an immediate water source. The vacuum is created from the Roots Blower for as long as you are using it as a Truck Mount, if you are using the portable as a stand alone you simply use the vacuum motors built into the portable. True truck mount features with the portability of using your portable to access multi level buildings.

Boss 500 Truck Mount

Don’t be fooled! This is an affordable truck mount that still offers the quality components and engineering of a more expensive unit. For dollar amount, the Boss 500 will out perform any Truckmount in its class.


• Fewer parts than any comparable unit
• 25 hp V-Twin Air Cooled Kohler motor.
• 2000 PSI Hawk Pump 0 – 1700 PSI Working Pressure
• Hot Vapour heat exchange system giving you 100ºC in under
• 3.6 Roots Blower - 15” HG CFM 280 + adjustable ten minutes.
• Hammer tone finish steel frame.
• Low oil warning and water shut off.
• Can be plumbed to vehicles fuel supply.
• National dealer network for servicing.


Length: 1000mm
Width:   650mm
Height:  970mm
Weight: 265kg

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