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Healthcare products for hygiene and comfort

In healthcare facilities, standards are set high. Tork provides products that meet and exceed these standards. Couch rolls and protective sheets provide comfort, convenience and hygiene during patient examinations and procedures. High-quality wash cloths offer the best in comfort and hygiene. Tork covers all your healthcare needs, with an emphasis on softness and exceptional wet strength.

Couch cover
The quality couch cover from Tork is easy to roll out, as well as hygienic and strong. Its ease of use saves space and reduces waste

Our wet strength wash cloths ensure you are well equipped in the healthcare industry. Wash cloths from Tork are highly absorbent and easily sterilized.

Supporting products
In order to make life a little easier for our customers, Tork offers an assortment of supporting products that includes Tork Advanced Dental Bibs.

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