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07 5596 5811
07 5596 5811
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Complete Supply Solutions

If your business requires a service that provides a one-stop-shop for cleaning supplies and general supplies, then we have the service for you. At Halo Supply Solutions, we will provide your company with a one invoice option, where all the necessary products to run your business are at hand and we can provide you with invoice per month. This will not only save you time in your accounts department, but will also save you money. We provide all general and cleaning supplies at a very competitive price....we are only a phone call away.

0412 416 916

Chemical Requirements

At Halo Supply Solutions, we have manufactured custom chemicals for customers all around Australia. From Bus Companies to other cleaning suppliers. If you require a specialised product, we can help you design the product to your requirements and deliver the products with complete packaging and labelling, ensuring you get what you want at a very competitive price.

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