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With the introduction of the Citrus Resources range of products in 1991, Wedina Holdings Pty Ltd was the first Australian company to offer a comprehensive range of citrus based, environmentally responsible products specifically for the commercial cleaning industry. All products in the Citrus Resources general cleaning category have recently received Good Environmental Choice Australia Accreditation

Citrus Products

| Download Citrafresh PDF |
Carpet extraction prespray concentrate with natural deodorant action, highly biodegradable.

| Download Citron PDF |
All purpose neutral detergent. All natural liquid detergent, mild to skin, environmentally responsible.

Orange Squirt
| Download Orange Squirt PDF |
Spray and wipe cleaner/degreaser concentrate, with D-Limonene and vegetable based detergents.

| Download Honeydew PDF |
Three products in one. Orange, Honey & Vanilla Hand Cleaner

| Download Zest PDF |
Total washroom maintainer, thickened organic formula.

| Download Lencia PDF |
Spray and forget, bathroom cleaner concentrate *with natural mildewicide/mouldicide.

| Download G.O.E Applications PDF |
Waste digester, biocatalyst and odour eliminator, Putting biotechnology to work for mankind�.

| Download Apeel PDF |
All natural, deodorant and odour neutraliser. �One squirt does it all.

Orange Solv
| Download Orange Solv PDF |
Water soluble cleaning solvent and spotter with the power of D-Limonene

Ultra Orange
| Download Ultra Orange PDF |
Low residue, low odour, high purity electronics grade D-Limonene replacement for III, Trichloroethane.

| Download Citrawash PDF |
All natural detergent for front loading and top loading washing machines. Contains no phosphates and no chlorine.

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