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How to Clean Carpets

Cleaning Tips

How to Clean Carpet with Mirage Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning carpets in a commercial environment can be tedious tiresome work, not to mention an OH&S issue if the incorrect machine is used. Also many cleaners use chemicals, which is often a less effective method if the chemicals are left behind in the carpet fibres to attract dirt. When this occurs stains often reappear within weeks of cleaning, leaving the carpet dirty again. With the Mirage Floor Scrubber/Washer/Dryer the carpet is cleaned and remains clean.

The Mirage is highly effective and efficient for cleaning most carpets. Specialised brushes can be changed for specific floor surfaces in under a minute. For large short pile commercial carpet areas, use a Mirage Floor Scrubbing Machine
with grey brushes. Plush carpets are best cleaned with the Mirage with delicate yellow brushes. A Mirage Steam Machine can be used for increased stain removal and decreased drying times. For spot cleaning stubborn stains, especially protien based stained, try using a Mirage steam cleaner.  

Benefits of using a Mirage Scrubbing Machine to Clean Carpets

  • Versatile - Clean carpets, and all floor surfaces with one machine.

  • Compact - The Mirage Scrubbers can be easily transported in a small car.

  • Environmental - Low water consumption and does not require chemicals.

  • OH&S - Manoeuvrable, reduces physical strain, no chemicals required.

  • Time - Cleans in under half the time of mopping or extraction carpet cleaning

  • Mirage Scrubber cleans right to the wall

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