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Carpet Care

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Since its establishment in 1982, Research Products has developed a reputation nationwide for quality products to the industries it services.

Glass Cleaner

Halo Fast Dry
| Download Halo Fast Dry PDF
One of the best window cleaners ever made. Fast dry means window and glass mirrors can be cleaned in half the time. No residue, pleasant deodorising fragrance.

Carpet & Apholstry Care

Spitfire Lavender | Download Spitfire Lavender PDF
One of the industry’s leading prespray products. pH meets ANZS 3733 so it is safe on all carpet fibres. Sets a cleaning result that all others will aspire to.

| Download Surge PDF
For those still wishing to apply in tank, this is the product for you. May be presprayed as well. Ideal for acrylic and nylons. Use with an acid rinse to meet Australian standards.

Up & Out
| Download Up & Out PDF
Breakthrough enzyme powder prespray formulation that meets ANZS 3733 in all areas. pH dries to less than 8.5. Cleans even the toughest food and drink spill stains in restaurants and pubs. Safe on all fibres, super economy.

| Download Trounce PDF
Use as an in tank powder for truckmounts and portables or as a brilliant result prespray. Powerful stain remover built in to this fast dissolving 100% active concentrate. Extreme economy in use.

Acid Rinse
Fibresafe Rinse | Download Fibresafe Rinse PDF
Neutralises alkalinity from high pH presprays. Add to the rinse tank or inject in line.

Dry Extraction Cleaning
Turbo Dry System
| Download Turbo Dry System PDF
TURBO DRY SOIL RELEASE - Heavy duty stain loosening prespray for carpet dry cleaning methods. Dilutes for economy. May also be used as a carpet spotter.

Turbo Dry Oxygenator

Stain remover and germicidal odour remover. Used as a pad applied hot rinse solution speeds drying, brilliant cleaning results. Hyper allergenic, no perfumes.

Dry Foam & Encapsulation
All Round | Download All Round PDF
High performance foaming shampoo with stain and resoil protection built in. Brilliant on greasy soils, non tacky stain blocking residue.

Specialty Products for Synthetic and Flocked Floor Coverings
The Future Step System | Download Future Step PDF
New formula neutral pH spotter with Fluorocarbon soil repellent built in. No wicking of stains, all fibre safe. Brilliant results.

Upholstery Cleaning
Fibresoft System | Download Fibresoft System PDF
FIBRESOFT PRESPRAY - Part one of the two part FIBRESOFT SYSTEM for cleaning Indian cotton and all sensitive and nonsensitive fibres. Gives brilliant lift to colours and whites when presprayed. Fast drying. Must be used with FIBRESOFT RINSE in tank.FIBRESOFT RINSE - Added to the rinse tank to deodorise, soften and lower pH on the fibre. Unique chemical reaction bonds softener permanently. Great for dryers.

Carpet Spotters
Unbelievable | Download Unbelievable PDF
New formula neutral pH spotter with Fluorocarbon soil repellent built in. No wicking of stains, all fibre safe. Brilliant results.

Integrated Spotting System

Used in order, you do not need to know what the stain is, just follow in order, rinse between each stage for best result.

  • Grease Release | Download Grease Release PDF

  • Fast acting, grease, oil and paint remover. No pH, cannot set stains. Water rinseable.

  • Coffee Break | Download Coffee Break PDF

  • Acid side. Coffee, tannin and drink stain remover, also works on red and pink colours.

  • Sensation | Download Sensation PDF

  • Very fast acting alkaline side spotter for protein, food spills, blood, vomit and faeces. Also added to prespray for power boost on  old acrylic and as an under door and edge “black line remover”.

  • Browning Treatment | Download Browning Treatment PDF

  • Used in the spotting process to help fade out pink and red colours as well as brown temperature set blood stains and “pot plant” stains.

  • Trusty | Download Trusty PDF

  • New non fluoride based rust remover. Can be used in the spotting process as a “last chance” stain remover.

Leather Cleaning and Protection (for professional use only)
Tanners Choice Shampoo and Protector | Download Tanners Choice Shampoo and Protector PDF
Professional use only, not for domestic use. Armourcoat water based protector for leather and vinyl.

Odaban | Download Odaban PDF
The original, highly concentrated odour absorber for obnoxious, pet and food odours.

Odaban E
| Download Odaban E PDF
Used in conjunction with TURBO DRY for an antimicrobial, fast drying, deodoriser in the dry carpet cleaning process, spicy residual.

Carpet Specialty Products
Power Plus | Download Power Plus PDF
Stain removing, deodorising booster and brightener for addition to prespray or portable machine hot water tanks. Ideal for pale coloured or hard to clean fibres. Especially useful in combining with Surge on fire damaged carpets.

| Download Foamex PDF
Concentrated formula for use in recovery tank of portable extraction equipment.

Anti-Static Treatment
| Download Anti-Static Treatment PDF
Dry weather brings extra static into carpet. Non-sticky formula retains moisture on fibres to lower static charge. Suitable for carpets and hard floor

| Download Fibreloc PDF
Water based protector. Suitable for carpet and upholstery.

Gel Solv
| Download Gel Solv PDF
High performance, multi purpose grease and oil remover with the power of d'limonene.

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